Jupiter Narrows Property Owners Association

Architectural Review Board

The purpose of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) is to ensure compliance with the Homeowner rules and regulations and to continue the "look" of the neighborhood.  Prior to making modifications to the exterior of your home, an application must be made to the ARB for approval.  Modifications include everything exterior such as landscape removal and new installation, painting (including same color), wood/siding replacement and repairs,window, door, and satellite TV dish installations, pools etc.  
The application form is found on the Documents page of this website under the Forms button.  The form is then emailed to the ARB (arb@jupiternarrows.net) for their review and approval at the following monthly board meeting.  A response from the Architectural Review Board is provided within 30 days of application receipt.
Partial List of ARB Examples
If installing a new roof, the product (metal or shake) must be approved by the ARB.  Shingles are not permitted.
If painting your house (original or new color), the color must be approved by the ARB.  A 12 in. by 12 in. surface must be painted on your house since color swatches are not accepted.
Similarly if you are painting your driveway, paint a swatch similar to the house painting as an example for ARB review.
If a non-native tree is removed it does not need to be replaced with another tree.  If a Florida native tree is removed, the tree must be replaced with another native tree.
For installing a swimming pool, the plans including lot lines must be presented with the ARB application.
ARB Application Process
1 Home Owner Completes the ARB application (available under the Forms button on the Documents page of this website)
2 Home Owner Emails the application to ARB@jupiternarrows.net or presents the application to the ARB Committee Chair
3 ARB Committee Registers the application date received to commence the 30 day clock
4 ARB Committee If applicable, advises the applicant that an application is not required 
5 ARB Comittee Reviews the application and inspects the homeowner's lot (minimum of two committee members required for inspection)
6a ARB Commitee Approves the application, or
6b ARB Committee Rejects the application and indicates the rejection reason on the ARB application
7 ARB Committee Notifies the homeowner of the decision via signed copy of the application
8 ARB Committee Provides the final application with decision to the archivist for maintenance with the lot number
9 Home Owner Can file a rebuttal if the application is rejected
10 Board of Directors Reviews information from homeowner and ARB
11 Board of Directors Upholds or denies initial ARB decision
12 Archivist Attaches Board of Directors decision to file